wedding photographer gordon mackinnon with one of his dogs

Hi, I’m Gordon, a North East wedding photographer (but always happy to travel).

On this page you can learn about me and who I am, if you would like to see my work then take a look at my wedding photography portfolio.

I’m a sixties child, JUST! Born the end of November 1969. I still feel 21 apart from when I stand up from sitting cross legged and the day after a big night out with friends!

I’m not a traditional wedding photographer, I don’t take photos like a crime scene investigator! shooting every little detail, capturing every single moment taking thousands of images to cover every aspect of your day. I tell stories and take images which represent the true story of your day.


My love of photography started back in 2003 on holiday on the Greek island of Santorini, as I watched the sun setting it ignited a passion to capture what I saw and led me to study commercial photography at Newcastle college and then on to open my own high street studio. Over the years of shooting most genres of photography I found photographing people to be my biggest passion and weddings to be my calling.

I love my dogs! Bailey & Barney, black and chocolate labradors.
When I’m not shooting weddings I love to be out capturing landscapes, people, streets or whatever takes my eye. I usually have a camera with me where ever I go!
Nespresso on a Sunday Morning, Bliss!
I use Fujifilm X series cameras for all of my work, they are small, light and inconspicuous. They also produce outstanding images files.

Being a wedding photographer means meeting lots of awesome people and photographing their day so they can share it to the world. I love this job!

Anyhoo that’s me, if you are planning a wedding I would love to hear from you. Click on the link below and let’s chat!