Quiet, unobtrusive, inconspicuous, this is NOT how I would describe my approach to photographing weddings. I’m not a fly on the wall! nor will I be creeping around in “the shadows” I like to immerse myself in your day, chat with people, laugh, have fun with you your family and your friends. Im still shooting in a candid documentary style, capturing the real moments, I just feel I can do this better when I’m “IN” your wedding! I wont look like a typical wedding photographer, carrying huge cameras with bags and lighting. I travel light, using small high end fuji ranger finder style digital cameras. This enables me to get in close and capture people at their best without them being too aware of it! Im also not going to direct you, move you, pose you, so no setting up shots, though I will loosely direct you when we do the bride & groom portraits, which incidentally are done quickly with minimal fuss. I will also photograph a few formals of your nearest and dearest, six is a good number, as it is incredibly time consuming rounding up people from the bar-smoking area-toilets-rooms etc etc. So if your looking for creative artistic candid style images then drop me an email and lets chat!

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