You really do want the best photos possible on your wedding day, so i thought I would do a quick list of some of my favourite tips for key moments of your day!

1  Bridal preps

choose the biggest brightest room you can for getting ready in, with plenty of natural window light. Try and face a window when having your makeup applied this will give your photographer the nicest light to work with and make you look amazing!!!

Keep the room as tidy as possible, you want your photographer spending time capturing images rather than tidying up for one or two shots!!

Have your dress out hanging, they look awesome in the background of photos as well as making it quicker and easier for your photographer to photograph it. 

If you want detail shots of shoes, necklaces, gifts, etc have them all organized before you start to get ready. A little organization beforehand will keep your bridal preps stress free!


2 walking up the aisle

If you can, keep your chin up! own that entrance and smile!!!!!! Don’t forget to leave a decent gap between you and your bridesmaids so your photographer can get a clear shot of you!

wedding processional inside washington old hall

3 exchanging rings

again allow your photographer a nice clear shot, by facing each other square on as you exchange rings.

4 first kiss

Take it slow!!!!! your photographer will be quick, but sometimes a quick peck can be too quick and they may miss it, no tongues though! granny doesn’t want to see that!!!


5 walking back down aisle

no advice needed, you will be so happy you make it easy for photographers!!!!

6 reception 

Make sure you allow plenty of time at the reception, you may want 30 mins for family photos 30 mins for bride & groom pics and 30 to 40 minutes mingling!

7 Family photos

keep them short and sweet, 6 to 8 small groups will still take 30 mins.

forget about the old traditional shot of everyone! trying to organize large numbers (20+) can take up to 15 mins for one shot! trust me when I tell you this!

8 couple shots

this is such a nice time to step away from the chaos, just the two of you connecting and your photographer giving you gentle directions, relax and enjoy

9 speeches  

Try to remove any large obstacles if possible from the table, your photographers’ view of you is often compromised by large candlesticks or flowers. 

10 first dance

Have a good few minutes on your own before waving your guests up with you. Apart from it being a great image, your guests will LOVE watching you both at this very special moment. I also no this by the oohs and awes.


And there you have it, hopefully, this might help you and your photographer get some great images on your wedding day.

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