I have always wanted to photograph a wedding on a remote Scottish island, so you can imagine my excitement when Tom & Patricia asked me if I would be their photographer!

Patrica asked me if I had a sense of adventure, as this wasn’t going to be the usuall get up in the morning, drive to the venue, shoot the wedding, drive home day!

You see the island they were getting married was Iona, and to get there I needed to take a foot ferry, (no cars allowed) but before that, I would need to get the car ferry from the Scottish mainland to the Isle of Mull! The last foot ferry sails at 6 pm during the summer months so there is no getting on or of Iona until the next morning! Add onto that an 8-hour drive from my home in Northumberland England.

This was going to create some logistical problems. But as Patricia was organising and shipping her family from California USA, how hard could it be for me? Well pretty easy as it happens as Patricia and Tom invited me to stay the weekend with them in the Iona hostel if I was up to the challenge!

Hell yea I was, I instantly agreed to spend the weekend with them and integrating with their family!

Quick family photography after we all had a walk on the beach the evening before.

Staying with the wedding party the night before meant I could get lots of intimate photos from very early on, on the wedding day.

The Abbey where they were married is one of the oldest Christian religious centres in Western Europe and is steeped in history and even has Macbeth buried there!

I would like to thank Patricia, Tom and their family and friends for making me feel so welcome over the weekend I stayed with them. They have such kind hearts and I feel honoured to have been asked to photograph their incredibly special wedding.