The Inn on the Lake, Ullswater, I have seen it dozens of times! On tourist information pics about the lake district, in other wedding photographers portfolios and many times from the window of my car! But today was the day I would photograph my first wedding there!

It is a fabulous hotel with amazing staff, set in probably one of the best locations you could wish for, Stunning in every way. Anyway I think you get it, I like the Inn on the Lake!

Today was also the first time I would actually meet Helen & Marie, I liked them more than the hotel!!! A beautiful couple, so friendly and welcoming and so very very much in love!

As usual there were a few nerves before the ceremony, (Helen & Marie not me!) but once they had said their vows everyone settle into the celebrations.

We had great fun outside in the storm force winds as we bravely wandered the hotel grounds looking for photo opportunities. Unfortunately the wind was just too strong to get on the lake jetties. No worries though as in such a stunning location as this, we found plenty of other places to use.

I feel honoured to have been with them throughout their day, especially during their very private and highly emotional first look! They looked so happy together and I’m glad I was there to capture their story….


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