Wedding photography has come a long way since your parents were married.

One of the biggest changes is the way you receive the final product. 20 years ago it was easy, the photographer turned up took 60 staged images, printed them all, put them in an album and gave you the negatives for future use.

Fast forward to the digital age and at the end of your wedding, your photographer will have hundreds of digital files.

Most wedding photographers will offer all sorts of options, USB sticks, USB print boxes, digital only, albums, galleries………all very confusing when you don’t really know what they mean.

So stick the kettle on get yourself comfy and I will give you the low down!!

Digital only

When a photographer says you will receive “digital files only” they usually mean fully edited (this means the photographer has spent time removing bad images and smartening up the good ones) high-resolution digital files. Digital images can only be seen on screens (laptops phones IPads etc).

They will generally send them to you through a service like dropbox google drive or Icloud for example.

This is obviously the cheapest way for you receive your images but it is up to you to then safely store them.

Online gallery

This is a far better option than digital only. It won’t cost too much more and means the photographer will upload all the finished images to a gallery of their choice. You can then view all the images online, download them all, or just some if you wish. You can order prints directly and share the gallery with all your family and friends.

USB stick

stylish wedding USB box
A simple branded USB stick in a basic box

When your wedding photographer offers a USB stick they mean a nice fancy USB drive usually with their logo on it and in a nice box or package. This is a nice keepsake and gives you something physical to hold! You can of course then upload the images to your computer to store and share from there.

USB stick & print box

This is the same as above but also includes a selection of small prints and all packaged in a nicer keepsake box.

Albums, large prints wall art etc

Most wedding photographers will offer a range of albums to suit most budgets. An album is the ultimate end product, something that can be viewed easily and stored for future generations too!

As it is a big subject on its own we will cover that in another post on another day!



handmade wedding photo presentation boxAll of my clients receive in their package a beautifully presented USB print box with 30 6×4 professionally printed images 6 months access to an online gallery from which they can buy extra prints, download digital files and share with their family and friends so they too can do the same.

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