It is really easy these days to hop online and find pages of information about what to ask your wedding photographer. How about what not to ask!  Here’s my top three.

Asking to recreate images you found on Pinterest

Good photographers don’t like to copy other photographers they will have their own vision and you should trust that. Besides, there’s very little chance of the photographer been able to recreate the image due to many factors such as weather, light, landscape/locations etc etc.

Asking for family/group photos in bright midday sunlight

The number of times I’ve been at weddings and couples or guests have asked to go into the bright sunlight for photographs. This is probably the worst thing you can do. The backgrounds may look amazing in bright sunlight, but the subjects Will be squinting and not looking so great. 

When your photographer asks you to move into the shade, listen to them! This is always the best place to get great images of people and let’s face it it’s great images of people and not backgrounds that you want.

Asking for all the photos taken on your day.

Wedding photographers don’t withhold amazing images, we want you to have all of the best images so that you can share them across social platforms and tell everybody what a great job we did, this is a large part of how we get our business.

The reason we don’t give out every photo taken is that they’re not always worth showing! do you really want pictures that are out of focus, or hundreds of photos of you, your family and friends pulling embarrassing funny faces?

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